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Beitragvon glani » So 13. Dez 2009, 20:43

Hallo Leute.
Es wäre klasse, wenn sich jemand finden würde, der diesen Text einmal korrektur lesen könnte. Mein Englisch ist nicht ganz katastrophal, jedoch habe ich manchmal Schwierigkeiten, die richtige Zeitform zu wählen. Gegebenenfalls (ich gehe eigentlich davon aus) habe ich im Audruck auch nicht alles richtig, da ich doch des öfteren Vokabeln nachgeschlagen habe...
Vielen Dank schon einmal 

For my report I’d like to write something about my work in the Ostbunker in Bremen. This had been my traineeship for the last seven weeks.
Every Monday all colleagues meet each other in the conference room at half past one in the afternoon to talk about the program and about the area of responsibility of every employee for the whole week. By turns Christian, another trainee, and me always had to stay either in the child area which is for kids from six to twelve or in the youth area which can be visited by older teenagers.
When I was assigned to the child area I never knew whether anybody came. On some days this room remained empty. However, mostly three or four children sought. Then we played games like “ludo”, “the mad labyrinth” or “scrabble” together. The twelve year old boy David always wanted to play chess with me. He is a really good chess player and so he often won. But sometimes he made mistakes and I could use my opportunity to win. He had frequently been annoyed when he loosed and grumbled about it. However, I could calm him fast.
Every Thursday there is a possibility for the kids to work and play with the Internet. Many of them don’t have a computer at home, and so most children came in this day called the “Internet-Thursday”. Often they stay in chat rooms or on online-game-sites. But before using every child have to pass the Internet-Licence. Thereby they will be informed about behaviours and dangers on the Internet.
In the youth area computers can be used every day. But here the teenagers have to pay for the time they stay in the internet. Half an hour cost 25 cents. Furthermore the Ostbunker offers them the opportunity of meeting friends, playing billiard, dart or table football. I have often been asked whether I’d like to play with them. Once a week there is there are themes days like “the long Billiard-Friday” or “the long Poker-Day” so that as much as possible kids and teenagers come to the youth centre to play together and encourage the community spirit.
Except the youth and child areas the Ostbunker provides a function room, which can be used for music concerts, parties or a Halloween celebrating for example. On concerts and parties that often carries on into the night, all colleagues including social educating workers, trainees and the person doing community service (Zivildienstleistender) must help to ensure that everything ran smoothly. Sometimes I sold drinks at the refreshment stand at other times I just had to take photos.
All in all I have always had fun in my trainee and learned a lot about dealing with youth. I whish I could stay a while longer.
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